Junior Marathon - We Run for Europe 2018 - 19 April 2018

In Ostrava, the Junior Marathon is held on Masaryk Square after the 22nd. This race is one of thirteen, held throughout the Czech Republic. This junior marathon, with its range, became the largest runner-up race for high schools in the Czech Republic. This is a relay run held for high school students.

The participating 10-member teams can participate in the race. Each pupil runs his part, which is 4.2 km. The entire team tries to cross the other cross-country skiing groups for 42 km and arrive first. The best Ostrava team will then advance to the final race, which will be held at the prestigious international Volkswagen marathon in Prague on May 6, 2018. Team participation in the race is free of charge. Possibility of accommodation for extra-athletic athletes is in our hotel Ostrava Kafková, so do not hesitate and book your room now.

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