10. mini-brewery festival - 18th May 2018

Beer lovers should visit the 10th festival of microbreweries on May 18 at the GARAGE club in Ostrava Martinov. For tasting will be almost 40 kinds of beer from known and from unknown regional and remote microbreweries. Visitors will be able to try beer types such as IPA, NEIPA, Stout and more. There are five breweries, such as the Antoš brewery from Slaný, brewery flying christmas from Prague, brewery town hall Jihlava, brewery Dejf Studénka, brewery Raven from Pilsen and others.

There will also be a local show of all types of beer Garagemaster. The festival's tenth festival program starts on Friday at 5 pm when a beep sounds. The music program will be responsible for Red Hot Chillies at the beginning of the festival and then for the great bigbeat of Hlučín Graphite. Entrance to the event is 80, - CZK, while the issued ticket has the function of coupon for one small garage beer. Part of the festival program is also a tour of the garage brewery. The price of the trip is 50, - CZK / person. Possibility of accommodation for extra-Ostrava beer is in our hotel Ostrava Kafka.

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